Board Of Directors Meeting


                Tuesday September 19, 2023

   Tuesday September 19, 2023

         TIME:  6:30 P.M.   PLACE:  CLUBHOUSE

6:30pm – Hearing with unit 38  

Attendees: Judy, Susan, Andrew, Jane and Wayne – Call to order at 7:00pm.  

Minutes – Motion to approve minutes from Wayne.  Susan seconded. All in favor.  

Guest – American Tree and Landscaping – attended to discuss landscaping concerns.  

Executive Session Open – Wayne made a motion at 8:13pm to go into Executive Session. Susan seconded.  All in favor.  

Executive Session Wayne made a motion to exit Executive Session at 8:51pm. Jane seconded.  All in favor.  

Unit 38 – water heater hearing– Jane made a motion to send a regular and certified letter to the unit owner stating that the plumbing invoice will not be removed from their account.  The Association also submitted a claim due to the damage and will be billing back the deductible.  The Association recommends the owner contact their insurance agent to notify them of the loss.  Wayne seconded.  All in favor.  

Landscaping/Snow Removal – Judy made a motion to move forward with Landco Inc. at $97,416.60 with the 5% savings.  Susan seconded.  All in favor.


Bank Information – Wayne made a motion to remove Jim Tupko from the Board meeting as he passed away.  Jane seconded.  All in favor.  

Wayne made a motion to add Jane as a bank signer and to remove Adam Gregory as a signer as he resigned from the Board.  Judy seconds.  All in favor.  

Adjournment – Wayne made a motion to adjourn at 9:04pm.  Susan seconded. All in favor.  

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