Board of Directors Meeting OCTOBER 17, 2018


                                                   Board of Directors Meeting 

                                                OCTOBER 17, 2018 


 Present: Board Members, Jim Tupko-President; Wayne Winsley-Vice President; Jane Gregory  By Phone: Absent: Beth Nelson and Adam Gregory. Travis Hyatt, Scalzo Property Management. 

 Call to Order 

 Mr. Tupko called the Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

 Proof of Notice of Meeting 

 Mr. Tupko said that the Meeting Notice was e-mailed, posted on the webpage, posted outside 

 the clubhouse and posted in the laundry room. 

 Approval of Minutes 

 The minutes were reviewed. 

 Mr. Tupko made a Motion to approve the Minutes of the January 23, 2018, Meeting and 

the Minutes of theJune 15,2018 Meeting. 

 The Motion was seconded by Mrs. Gregory. There was no discussion. The Motion passed 



 A: Tenant Rental Issues 

 Mr. Tupko indicated that the preliminary report from the State of Connecticut’s investigation 

 into the complaint that the tenant in Unit 69 was being harassed by the Association.  Mr. 

 Tupko said that the State of Connecticut has issued a preliminary report stating that: 

 “The complainant has not demonstrated that she is being harassed by the Respondents. 

 She simply does not want to follow Condominium  Rules and Regulations and once she 

 is confronted about her failure to abide by said rule she interprets it as being harassed”. 

 The State’s conclusion: “Consequently, undersigned determines that the facts are such 

 that a person of ordinary caution, prudence, and judgement could not conclude that there 

 is reasonable  cause for believing  that a discriminatory practice has been committed as 

 alleged in the complaint.” Mr Tupko said that the complaint will stay open for comments 

 until October 20, 2018.  Mr. Tupko said that the Landlord is commencing eviction  

 proceedings against her for running a plant business out of the unit.  He has notified 

 Danbury Housing Authority and HUD. 

 B: Vinyl Siding Update 

 Mr. Tupko said that the vinyl siding project is moving along well. Mr. Tupko said that 

 there are two owners in building 9 that have decided to take advantage of Marvin  

 Windows 15% off sale and will replace their windows prior to the siding being done.  

 Mr. Tupko said that painting of the doors on building 11 will be put off until Spring 

 or Summer of 2019. 


  Mr. Tupko indicated that he has received inquiries and concerns about the number of 

 occupants in single bedroom units.  Mr. Tupko said that there is a Town Ordinance that 

 addresses occupancy limits. Mr. Tupko said that a single bedroom unit, per the Town  

 Ordinance would limit the occupancy to 4 individuals in a single bedroom unit.  Mr. Tupko 

 suggested that the Board approve a rule to limit the occupancy to 4 people per single 

 bedroom units.  Mrs. Gregory said that she would  like to table this issue for futher 

 discussion in the future.  Mr. Tupko and Mr. Winsley agreed to do so. 

 Mr. Tupko made a Motion to change the requirement for chimney cleaning and inspection 

 from Semi-Annual to Annual.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Winsley.  There was no 

discussion. The vote was unanimous and the Motion passed. 

 Mr. Tupko, made a Motion to prohibit the storage of twenty pound propane tanks within 

 any building at Aspetuck Village.  This would also include the garage area of any townhouse. 

 The motion was seconded by Mrs. Gregory.  There was no discussion. The vote was        unanimous and the Motion passed. 

 Mr. Winsley made a Motion to make injury to pedestrians by the use of trailer hitch bike racks,    

 motorcycle carriers, luggage carriers, the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. Mr. Winsley   

 said they protrusion of these devices pose a trip and fall hazard at night for pedestrians walking  

 by the vehicle. Mr. Winsley made the recommendation that these vehicles be backed into the  

 parking spot to minimize this problem.  Any trip and falls or injury will be the sole liability 

 of the owner of the vehicle and not the Association.  Mr. Tupko seconded the Motion. There 

 was no discussion and the Motion passed unanimously.  

 Mr. Winsley made a Motion to bill back to the owner for any repair to the asphalt due 

 to oil leaks by owners and tenants cars that damage the parking areas.  Mrs. Gregory  

 said that the owners of these vehicles should be made to take measures, such as placing 

 cardboard under the vehicles to minimize damage. Everyone agreed.  Mrs Gregory 

 seconded the Motion.  There was no discussion.  The vote was unanimous and the Motion 


 Mr. Tupko made a Motion that the current rules and regulations be modified to clarify 

 the requirements for grills and propane tanks.  The new Fire Marshal regulations prohibit  

 the use of Open Flame cooking devices on decks.  No gas grills of any type are allowed 

 on decks.  Electric cooking devices are allowed.  Charcoal grills are not allowed anywhere 

 within Aspetuck Village.  Also the storage of 20 pound propane tanks are not allowed inside 

 of any dwelling or garage areas.  20 pound propane tanks must be 5 ft from doors and  

 windows when not being used and 10ft from doors and windows when being used.  

 Mr. Winsley seconded the Motion.  There was no discussion. The vote was unanimous and 

 the Motion passed. 

 Mr. Tupko made a motion that noise levels in units should be reduced to quiet levels after 

 10 pm. Also tenants and owners be required to provide management of the visitors to 

 their units. Previous complaints about party goers walking around the parking lot with 

 drinks or damaging parked vehicles will not be tolerated. Excess noise and damages to property are the responsibility of the unit owner / tenant and not the Association. 

 Mrs. Gregory seconded the Motion. There was no discussion. The vote was unanimous and the 

 Motion passed. 

 Mr. Tupko made a motion that the removal of construction debris, furniture, brd frames, 

 mattress’s, air conditioners, televisions, etc. from dumpster areas be charged back to the 

 owner / tenant responsible. The Association has spent $1600.00 in the last 6 months for 

 removal of these items. Mr. Winsley seconded the Motion.  There was no discussion. 

 The vote was unanimous and the Motion passed. 

 Mr. Winsley made a Motion to shift the liability for trip and falls because of lack of 

 snow removal by vehicles in the winter to to the vehicle owners.  It is the responsibility 

 of the owner of the vehicle to either move their car so the plow driver can plow the  

 snow in the parking area.  If the vehicle is not moved, then the responsibility for snow 

 removal falls on the vehicle owner.  If a slip and fall occurs, then the owner of the vehicle 

 assumes the liability not the Association. Mrs. Gregory seconded the Motion.  There was no discussion. The vote was unanimous and the Motion passed. 




 At 8.00 pm, Mr. Tupko, made a Motion to adjourn.  The Motion was seconded 

 by Mr. Winsley. There was no discussion. The Motion passed unanimously.