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Rules and Regulations: additions and changes approved at the October 17, 2018 Board Meeting

  • Per the National Fire Code, open flame cooking devices are not allowed on decks.  Electric grills may be used.  20 lb. propane tank must be at least 5 feet from doors and windows when not in use and 10 feet when the grill is operation for ground floor units.  Grills are not allowed under decks and charcoal grills are not allowed anywhere in the complex.
  • No storage of 20 lb. propane tanks in garages. Outside storage must be 5 feet from any door and windows. This applies to full or empty tanks.
  • Snow removal responsibility near cars is the responsibility of the owner.  Slip and fall liability is the responsibility of the owner not the Association.
  • Trailer hitch accessories such as bike racks and cargo carriers that pose a hazard to the residents, owners and visitors are to be minimized. Trip and fall claims will be the owner responsibility not the Association. It is recommended that the vehicle be backed into the parking space.
  • Vehicle oil leaks must be reported to the Association and damage to the asphalt must be mitigated by placing material under the vehicle until repairs can be made. Any cost to repair the asphalt will be billed back to the owner/tenant.
  • Vehicles must have a valid state registration plate on the vehicle.  The Association can have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense if not displayed.
  • Noise in units must be minimized after 10 pm.  Control of visitors’ actions must be controlled by the owner / tenant. Visitors wandering around the complex late at night is not to be allowed.
  • Disposal of construction debris in the dumpsters at Aspetuck is prohibited.  Paint, sheetrock, countertops, rugs, tile, doors, etc. should not be placed in the dumpsters.  Also chairs, couches, air conditioners, bookcases, dressers, etc. are not to be placed inside or outside the dumpster area.  The cost of removal will be billed back to the unit owner.
  • Semi-annual fireplace/chimney inspections have been changed to annual requirement and receipt of such inspection provided to the Association.
  • Dryer vents must be inspected and cleaned every two years by a licensed professional and receipt provided to the Association.

Window and Door Replacement Policy as of January 1, 2019


Revised as of January 1, 2019

Unit Owners who wish to install new windows or patio doors may do so only after: (a) obtaining the prior written approval of the Board; and (b) complying with the Terms, Conditions and Requirements that are set forth below.  Absolutely no work is to commence until after the Unit Owner receives the written approval of the work.

Unit owners are encouraged to use the services of Windowrama because its employees know and have successfully complied in the past with the “Minimum Specifications” and the “Installation Requirements.”  The hiring of Windowrama does not result in a waiver of any of the following Terms, Conditions and Requirements. 


1.  Minimum Specifications:

            (a) All grills/grids must be non-contoured and be between the glass;

            (b) All grills/grids must be 3/4 inch in width;

            (c) The color of the frames, doors, exterior handles and the exterior-facing side of the grills must be bronze or dark bronze that, in the opinion of the Board or its authorized agent, matches or closely approximates the color of the windows and doors that was used by the developer of Aspetuck Village.  Andersen Dark Bronze, Marvin Integrity Bronze and Pella Impervia Brown are approved colors.  A sample of the color must be provided.

            (d)  Specifications must be provided.

2.  Cash Deposit:  Prior to the commencement of any work, the Unit Owner or the contractor must make a cash deposit of $5,000.00.  The deposit will be held in a separate account and will be used to pay for any required repairs, corrections or damages that are done to property that is owned by or under the control of the Association.  The deposit will be returned as set forth below.

3.  License and Insurance:  Prior to the commencement of any work , the Unit Owner must submit copies to the Board of: (a) the contractor’s State License; and (b) a certificate of insurance naming the Aspetuck Condominium Association, Inc. as an additional insured.

4.   Building Permit:  Prior to the commencement of any work, a Permit for the work must be obtained from the Town of New Milford Building Department and a copy of it must be submitted to the Board.

5.   Installation Requirements: 

            (a)  Cuts to the siding around the exterior of the windows and doors for the purpose of       exposing the old nailing fin for the removal of the existing windows or doors may be no            greater than 2 inches;

            (b)  Adequate fiberglass insulation must be installed around windows and doors;

            (c)   Seal and insulate the interior and exterior to protect against air and water;

            (d)  Trim exterior 4 sides with 1 inch by 2 inch primed exterior grade wood;

            (e)  The work must be done by an installer who, in the sole opinion of the Board or                       its authorized agent, has demonstrated sufficient experience with projects of similar                       size and complexity.

6.  Inspection and Release of Cash Deposit:  After completion of the work, it will be inspected by the Board of Directors or its authorized agent and, if he or she deems it necessary, the Town of New Milford Building Inspector.  The Building Inspector will be asked if an inspection will be necessary.  If: (a) the work is approved by both or (b) the work is approved by the Board and the Building Inspector confirms that there will be no inspection by his or her office, the cash deposit will be released to the entity or person who made the cash deposit minus the cost of any repairs, corrections or damages.