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  1. unit owner

    Read the Master Policy. Are you talking about the two TENANTS that claim attic injury. The first was #69 Christine, followed by her friend, Helene – claimed at WalMart that she would return a credit card, of which police were called. She gave a likely story but because it was not used – just in her possession – she was not arrested.

  2. unit owner

    Try to not trust the comments of some board members. Now weed them out. I know one is intelligent and gives truthful and responsible information.

  3. unit owner

    June Meeting- Review HANDICAPPED PARKING. Please make sure with a doctor’s note that this is valid. It was noted that an occupant made an issue and it was not a necessity.

  4. Lindsay

    What I a tenant is renting and had a service dog ? Is that still not allowed due to the pet policy of renters not allowed pets regardless or would the service dog be allowed due to its own statues it has ?
    Can anyone help clarify this question and if it is allowed what paperwork would be needed to be submitted ?

  5. Abi

    Wondering why with all the extra space/land here at Aspetuck Village is there still not enough additional parking?


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