1. Loretta Kretchko

    Thanks for keeping us so up to date . Doing good! Am I understanding that this meeting is not for the owners ? Keep up the good work. Being informed is what we as owners need.

    1. Adam Gregory

      The meeting is open to unit owners, all board meetings are. Unless an executive session is called after comments from unit owners (item 7 of the agenda for Jan 28). At least that is my understanding from reading the below:

      “CIOA requires that Board meetings be open to the unit owners and to a representative the unit owner designates except during executive sessions (CGS 47-250(b)(1).”


  2. Laura Halloran

    Not only are Board meetings open to Unit Owners, but owners should be encouraged, and are encouraged, to come and learn about what is going on in their condo community. It is mostly a sit and LISTEN activity since comments from the owners is usually the last item on the agenda. But at that time, unit owners can comment on what they have heard and give feedback to the board.

    Adam, thank you for the minutes. We need this communication.

    Laura Halloran, 142

    1. Adam Gregory

      I can’t find any comment that was deleted and / or not approved. There is a filter that is in place to prevent spam which is provided by a third party (Akismet) which may have blocked the comment.

      1. Cynthia

        I wrote to Jay telling him he should have given the plans to the community from the start not looking for personal gain. If he cared about the community he would have given the plans from the start and not request money. Also I sent a request through this sight asking why my unit 90 was not shoveled by the slider. I heard they came 3 times to clean up and it was never shoveled! My tenant had a hard time cleaning it because he is sick. Why was it not done.

        1. Jay

          First, Cynthia, the only response I received from the offer that I made was a brief declination from Mr. McCracken, months later. I never, ever heard from you or anyone else. I challenge you to prove to the contrary. You can’t because it didn’t happen.

          Second, you fail to understand my position with regard to the plans but that doesn’t surprise me at all. Read what I said at the Meeting. Read and re-read however many times it takes. The ver batim is on this [sic] “sight.”

  3. RF

    The majority of the unit owners never attend are totally disgusted with everything, please — get it straight. The years go back to Phil Carapelle and Pella Windows.
    CT Business Services keeps quiet when asked. We are owners. Would like to know who designed the lovely signs for Amy and how much did it cost financial investors. Ms. Williams paid the bill and she will not answer.
    Amy NEEDS to pay back for extorting the money and WE are not her family. Pay the attorney for your problems of a legal case with a neighbor.

    My attorney is reading Aspetuck Village.

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