Welcome To Our New Web Page and Our New Board of Directors

As some of you already know, at a Special Meeting on January 7, 2014, the Unit Owners voted to remove all of the the Members of the then-existing Board. They then elected six new Board Members: Jim Tupko, Wayne Winsley, Adam Gregory, Jane Gregory, Janet Webster, Beth
Nelson and three who were on the old Board, Helen Gardner, Judy Kreigl and Amy Farquarson.

Ken Taylor, Esq., a partner at Cramer and Anderson, ran the Meeting in a friendly and expert manner using Robert’s Rules as required by Statute.  Board Attorney Greg McCracken did a swell job explaining the process to the audience and helped Ken with some facts about Aspetuck that he could not know.

Last night, the Board conducted an emergency Meeting by telephone conference (thanks, Adam!) and elected their Officers: Jim Tupko, President; Wayne Winsley, Vice-President; Adam Gregory, Secretary; and Jane Gregory, Treasurer. The three prior Board Members did not participate in the call.

Accolade Management has resigned effective January 31, 2014, so one of the new Board’s first duties will be to find a new management company. Board Members are taking steps to ensure that the transition from old Board to new goes as smoothly as possible.

The Board also decided to use https://www.aspetuckvillage.com as its Official Web
Page. All the old entries have been removed and Adam will have it up-and-running shortly.

We believe that the changes that have been made will yield great results for today and for Aspetuck’s future.

Much more will follow this basic information so please check this Page often!

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